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Insight only Historic Research can provide...
To meet the research and documentation requirement for CRM projects, guidelines and regulations require information only available by historic research related to genealogy and land records. This is to establish chain-of-title for a property, determine past land use, and to help define periods of occupation. This type of research is useful for genealogy, especially for the descendants of enslaved populations prior to the US Civil War (1861-1865). It can also be used for Native American family research for indigenous groups living on the East Coast before 1830.

Genealogical research is a service provided by Kerns CRM. After meeting with clients and understanding their needs a research plan is developed. The information is provided in a Georeferenced Genealogical Report (GGR). This information can be used to support land disputes for historic churches, abandoned graveyards, and unclaimed property. It can also be used to learn one’s family history and ancestry for the simple pleasure of knowing the history of one’s ancestors or to establish information related to family traits related to disease or genetic issues. 

If you are interested learning more about our genealogical and historical research services, please contact us.