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A Few of Our Projects...
Kerns CRM Consultants, LLC takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions and exceed expectations. Here are three projects for different industries that give a glimpse into the work we do.


Aarcher, an environmental management consultancy, had pending projects in a number of states for large telecommications carriers, each of which had multiple jurisdictions with distinct compliance and reporting requirements. As part of the regulatory process, the client needed to deliver an FCC 620 packet, including a Phase I Archeological Investigation (cultural resources survey) and evaluation of each individual site. 

Cultural resource surveys include excavating shovel test pits to determine the presence or absence of archaeological sites or evidence of past occupation. The findings of the survey will impact the client's subsequent options for development of the site.

The requirements for these surveys and evaluations varied from one site to another based on their location, size, and tower type. Different stakeholders, such as the FCC, State Historic Preservation offices (SHPO), tribal historic preservation offices (THPO), state and county planning and zoning departments, and the public have varying requirements for both the nature and extent of the physical site surveys and reports.


With such extensive and varied stakeholders involved across multiple sites, the client faced a time consuming and expensive process for meeting regulatory requirements. Kerns CRM developed a unified reporting format for use across the entire inventory of sites which helped to decrease costs and expedite the compliance process, minimizing stakeholder delays caused inter-stakeholder negotiations based on different report formats.

Kerns CRM was able to perform only required excavations for each site, accelerating both in-field work as well as follow-on reporting.


The client retained Kerns CRM for follow-on work for additional towers and remains a current client. We have employed a similar methodology for other clients in the telecommunications sector as well as other sectors with projects involving similarly complex testing and reporting needs, such as environmental compliance.
Commercial Real Estate Development

Wilkerson & Associates, an engineering and planning company, provides consulting for developers and property owners seeking to subdivide properties for development or conveyance. If a land owner is pursuing federal or state subsidies or tax credits, they must comply with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) or regulations of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This is often the first step in the development process and is required for permitting. 


KernsCRM has provided Wilkerson and their clients with the appropriate level of survey and reporting based on the project, the property and the overlying federal, state, and local requirements. We have conducted this work for residential sub-division development throughout Maryland for properties from 20 to 275 acres. 

KernsCRM's work has helped clients to identify achaeologically significant sites that can be excluded from the development, allowing the overall project to proceed and to qualify the client for favorable subsidies and easements.


KernsCRM continues to provide services to Wilkerson and client within the same sector and has extensive experience meeting the needs and requirements of commerical real estate developers.
Historic Redevelopment

Kann Partners is an architectural firm specializing in historic redevelopment. For many of their projects located in history districts or urban areas, they are required to meet Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. In addition there are state local regulations that they must meet before they can proceed with planning and development.


KernsCRM has performed Phase I, II, and III projects for Kann and their clients. Phase I entails determining the identification of buried cultural resources. Phase II is determining eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, and Phase III is data recovery and full excavation of archaeological features in advance of follow-on construction and development.


KernsCRM has worked with Kann Partners on projects throughout Maryland including the Revolutionary War era Hessian Barracks in Frederick Maryland and Clifton Mansion in the City of Baltimore. KernsCRM has also worked with other architectural development firms nationally on similar projects including the Veterans Administration and the Bureau of Prisons.
Compliance Reports

2016Phase I Archaeological Investigation of the Lowe House (18FR1063) Frederick, Maryland. Prepared for: Hemby Custom Homes Frederick, MD

2015Phase Ia Archaeological Assessment for Potential for the Hebrew Orphan Asylum 2700 Rayner Ave, Baltimore City, Maryland 21216. Kann and Associates, Baltimore, MD.

2015Phase II Archaeological Testing at the Hessian Barracks (18FR114) Frederick, MD: Progress Report. Kann Partners, Baltimore, MD and Maryland Department of Planning, Crownsville, MD.

2015Determination of Eligibility (DOE) Blue Start Solar Farm, 12213 Galena Rd, Massey, Kent Co., MD. OneEnergy Renewables, Seattle, WA. 

2015Phase Ia for the Baker Point Solar Farm, Frederick County, MD: Review for Effects of Historic Properties. OneEngery Renewables, Seattle, WA.

2015Clifton Mansion (18BC178) Phase III Data Recovery. Civic Works at Clifton Mansion
Baltimore, MD.

2014Phase I Testing: Bloomfield Site at 8956 Walter Martz Road, Frederick County, Frederick, Maryland 21702. Aarcher, Inc., Annapolis, MD. 

2013Phase I Archeological Investigation at the US Army Fort Belvoir Facility, Tyson’s Corner Radio Tower, Fairfax County, Virginia. For the USACE and Aarcher, Inc., Annapolis, MD.

2013Phase I Archaeological Investigations at the Fort Belvoir Related Facilities at the Suitland Radio Tower, Prince George’s County and the Davison Army Airfield Outer Marker in Charles County in Maryland. For the USCAE and Aarcher, Inc., Annapolis, MD.

2013Phase I Testing: Proposed New Tower Site at Oxon Hill Volunteer Fire Department, 7600 Livingston Road, Oxon Hill, MD 20745. Aarcher, Inc., Annapolis, MD.

2013Phase I Testing: Proposed Tower Site at the Benjamin Tasker Middle School, 4901 Collington Road, Prince George’s County, Bowie, Maryland 20715. Aarcher, Inc., Annapolis, MD.

2013Phase I Testing: Proposed Tower Site at the Center for Applied Technology (CAT), 800 Stevenson Road, Anne Arundel County, Severn, Maryland 21144. Aarcher, Inc. Annapolis, MD. 

2013Clifton Mansion (18BC178) Phase I Archaeological Testing: Geothermal Field, Porch Foundation and Elevator Installation Project Areas. Clifton Mansion & Civic Works, Baltimore, MD.

2013Cambridge Solar Project: Phase I Archaeological Investigation of the Adams Farm at 4919 Bucktown Road, Cambridge, Dorchester County, Maryland. OneEnergy Renewables, Seattle, WA.

2011Survey Report: Dayton Manor Staff Housing MDC Brooklyn. J.C. Chang & Associates, Inc and US Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Washington, DC.

2011Survey Report: Staff Housing, US Penitentiary Atlanta, GA. J.C. Chang & Associates, Inc and US Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Washington, DC.

2011Architectural and Historical Investigation of the Engineering and Research Corporation (ERCO) Building. Prepared for University of Maryland Office of Administrative Affairs, College Park, Maryland. Retrospect and Kerns CRM Consultants.

2010Iron Forge (18AN1386) Discovery. Cultural Resources Documentation. Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Gaithersburg, MD: URS Corporation.

2009Phase I Archaeological Survey of the Beauvoir Property (22HR1012). Harrison County, Mississippi. Gaithersburg, MD: URS Corporation.

2009Phase II Archaeological Evaluation of Site 47BA199. Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest Bayfield County, Wisconsin. Gaithersburg, MD: URS Corporation.

2009Thomas Johnson Bridge Replacement. Phase I Archeological Survey. St. Mary's and Calvert Counties, Maryland. Gaithersburg, MD: URS Corporation.

2009Phase I Archaeological Survey of the Black and White Inn Property (18MO669) Montgomery County, Maryland. Gaithersburg, MD: URS Corporation.

2009Phase I Archaeological Survey of Location 31. Dover Air Force Base Kent County, Delaware. Gaithersburg, MD: URS Corporation.

2009Report of Investigations: Archival Research Concerning Center Hill Lake. Gaithersburg, MD: URS Corporation.

2007Phase II Archaeological Evaluation of Sites 18PR867 and 18PR868, The Homeland Property, Prince George's County, Maryland. Gaithersburg, MD: URS Corporation.

2007Phase I Archeological Survey of the Proposed US 15 at MD 26 Reforestation Site, the proposed US 15 at Monocacy Boulevard Interchange, and Phase II Evaluation of Site 18FR148A, Frederick County, Maryland. Gaithersburg, MD: URS Corporation.

2007104-106 North Market Street. Phase I Archaeological Survey Demiray Property (18FR857), Frederick, Maryland. Annapolis, MD: Aarcher, Inc-CRM Group.

2006Unearthing Our Colonial Past: Selected Articles on The Archaeology of Early Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Annapolis, MD: Anne Arundel County Office of Environmental and Cultural Resources, Lost Towns Project.

2006Fountain Rock Park Phase II archaeological survey (18FR835 & 18FR836). Annapolis, MD: Aarcher, Inc. - CRM Group.

2003Discovering London Town off the Park: Salvage Excavations on the Shah Property (18AN1062). Compliance report for the Maryland Historical Trust on file at the MHT, Crownsville, MD.

1997-2005Phase III Data Recovery Excavations at London Town (18AN48). Anne Arundel County’s Lost Tows Project. Edgewater, Maryland. Anne Arundel County Planning and Zoning- Cultural Resources Group.